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Bus Rentals

We offer party bus rentals ALL YEAR long for weddings, bachelor parties, birthday parties or any special occasion!!!

Bus rentals are $85 per hour with a minumum of 3 hours. The buses listed below have the bus name and how many it seats. Please call Jeff at (616)632-4448 for reservations.

*Tip for driver not included.

"Pumpken" 32 seats

"USA" 35 seats


Fire Truck "RedHott" 32 seats


"Boo Bus" 32 seats


"I Am Boo 2" 32 seats


"Boo Too" 70's Theme 32 seats


"Baby Boo" 15 seats


"Lil Kat" 20 seats


"RockStar" 32 seats


"Where The Wild Things Are" 32 seats

Daytime Activities

100% family friendly during the day, you will find no ghouls in this maze, we only allow them out after dark. Bring the family out to a relaxing and enjoyable daytime adventure.

Other Activities: Farm Animals (You'll love being down on the farm visiting all the animals), Pumpkin Patch (with over 5 acres to choose from you'll find the pefect pumpkin), Hay Rides All Aboard our luxurious farm wagon).

Witch's Woods

The witches, ghouls and mentally twisted have a special night in store for those brave enough to enter the Haunted Woods. You will find yourself clinging to the closest person next to you, we just hope it's not one of our patients that have escaped the mental ward.

Haunted Corn Maze

Enter the corn at your own risk. This night time adventure will take you on a wild ride of dead ends, twists & turns, confusion, mayhem and to top it off . . . you will be stalked and haunted by our devilish team of corn stalkers.

Do you think you can handle it? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Zombie Attack

Ready to save the world from a zombie outbreak? NO! Then you need to brush up on your shooting skills with our Paintball Zombie Shoot. We release zombies from their cages at dusk for the brave to take on!